Rose Seidler’s House

Shag is well known for his crisp illustration take on famous architectural landmarks, many of which are defined by their mid-century exteriors. In his 2006 tribute to the Australian modernist landmark, the Rose Seidler House, he’s able to capture both interior and exterior from a deliberate perspective that’s designed to bring the outdoors inside. The painting was part of Shag’s On the Shoulders of Giants exhibit, which was hosted by Outre Gallery in both Melbourne and Syndey. 

The Rose Seidler House is a Bauhaus-styled home designed by Harry Seidler located in a suburb of Sydney. Built in 1948, it was futuristic and modern for its time and is great example of mid-century-modern domestic architecture.The award-winning house contains a collection of original furniture by well known designers like Eames, Saarinen and Hardoy, and is considered the purest example of mid-century modern architecture in Australia. It combined the new architecture of space, the unity of arts and architecture, the new vision of abstraction in the visual arts and the new technology of structural engineering and industrial design.

Shag captures the true feel of the house and highlights all of its distinguished qualities, from the signature Miro-like abstract exterior patio wall, to the yellow sling Hardoy chairs by Knoll, adorned by the familiar “Shag cat”. Inside the home, guests do what Shag characters so often do, mingling about Eames furniture drinking cocktails.

The Seidler House is in itself a work of art, with views quite purposefully designed to consider all angles from both inside and out. “The ample ground and a desire to avoid a single outlook only, resulted in a building which is freely exposed on all sides so that varying views of the surroundings become part of the interior.” (Harry Seidler 1954)

Shag took great care in capturing the perspectives that Harry Seidler intended for the house. There were only a handful of details added by Shag, including a framed portrait of Mr. Seidler resting on a coffee table that was designed by Seidler himself.

In addition to the Rose Seidler’s House painting, Shag also used the house in another painting from the exhibit called Christina’s World, showing off the unique architectural exterior. You can see the original painting that inspired this other work, along with other originals here from On the Shoulders of Giants.


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  1. Willis Daniels Says:

    I’m an admirer, please let me know what’s going on…

  2. Janine Gentry Says:

    Another great post, thanks for the write up! Have a great day and cant wait to see future posts

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